Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Banish Fat, Boost Metabilism

This is the last of three Jillian Michael's videos that I've tried. Unfortunately, I must report that it is the least favorite of her three videos. This one is all cardio moves (think kickboxing, old school calisthenics, etc.). I guess it's good if it's a crappy day out and you don't have a gym near by and want to get some cardio in. However, if you have neighbors below you or your family is around, they may think there is an earthquake going on. There is A LOT of jumping around! My little brother was downstairs watching TV while I was upstairs working out. The poor kid! I also think it's harder than her other vidoes. Maybe that's because this one requires some coordination and I just don't have that. But I did break a sweat and I felt like I got a good workout in. The next day my calves and lower back were sore (a good sore). My verdict is good, but not great. It's a bit more like torture for me. By far, my favorite video of Jillian's is No More Trouble Zones.

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  1. I didn't want to get this comment confused in the giveaway so I am posting it on this post instead. Thanks for the info about the Lowell triathlon. Unfortunately I can't do that one because I have a wedding the night before at the Cape. That is pretty much the story of my summer so I don't have a lot of free weekends. I may switch and do the Hyannis one in September if I can't get my knee in order by the July one :)