Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rail Trail

I think my knees are hating me a bit right now after last night's bike ride. That's probably because I haven't been on my bike in over a week. But I couldn't exactly take it with me on the plane to Indy and I probably would have gotten lost anyway. So yesterday I got back into the groove of triathlon training with a 16 mile bike ride.I rode on the lovely Nashua River Rail Trail. It's an old railroad bed that is now paved for bikers, walkers, and runners to use. I left from my house and picked up the trail and took it almost to the end. Patrick and I are dog sitting for his aunt and uncle who live in Groton, MA and literally live right next to the trail (I'm only a little jealous of that). So I just biked to their house and fortunately I beat any nasty weather.
I really love the rail trail because it is FLAT and there are no cars! And to top it off, it was almost 90 degrees out and super humid yesterday, but the trail was shady almost the whole way! I wish I lived a little closer to it because it's a great ride. However, from my house, it is 7 miles away and then the trail is 11 miles long so if I wanted to go to the end and back I would have to do 26 miles. I could probably do it, but I think I would get bored. Either way, it was a nice way to mix it up. And only 10 more days until my triathlon. Yikes!

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