Thursday, August 13, 2009

Running Through Sprinklers

Yesterday was my first official post-triathlon work out. After only 2 days of not exercising, I was beginning to feel a bit lethargic and I knew I needed to get back out there. But boy was I having a hard time motivating myself. I have to remember, however, that I have a 10K race in the beginning of October, just a little over 2 months away! I gotta keep moving! So it was a hard run yesterday, mentally speaking. I just wanted to stop and walk. But at least the golf course had some of its sprinklers on as I ran by. I think everyone should turn on their sprinklers when I run by on hot days. It would really make things so much nicer. When I do see one on I have to resist all urges to run though people's yards so I can get cooled off. Maybe I need to start carrying water with me.

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