Monday, February 15, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend Recap

So I've been a little MIA because I've been busy drinking celebrating my birthday.  So let's start from the beginning:

Thursday:  Thursday was my actual birthday.  Unfortunately, Patrick only had about an hour and a half free from 4-5:30 so we were at the bar of Margarita's at 4 o'clock.  We had time for one drink and shared a couple of appetizers.  Patrick got me these beautiful earrings for my birthday:

When I got back to the apartment I did a bunch of baking for the Friday night activities.

Friday:  On Friday night we had a bunch of friends over to celebrate Valentine's Day.  I made homemade pretzels, peanut butter chocolate bars, and frosted heart shaped sugar cookies.  Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of all the yummy food.  I seriously need to attach my camera to myself so I remember to snap some photos!  But fun was had by all and we watched some of the opening ceremony for the Olympics.

Saturday:  My parents came up for the weekend to celebrate with me and to celebrate their Valentine's Day anniversary (cheesy, I know!).  We went bowling and shopping and grabbed a bite to eat.  It was really nice to see them and spend some time hanging out.  I really love my family and I miss them tons while I'm here in Maine.  Patrick's mother, my future mother-in-law sent along a birthday present.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found this:
She bought me this to wear at my wedding.  Patrick tipped her off that I really wanted a blue necklace to wear with my wedding dress.  I was so touched.  I'm looking forward to wearing it and it is something I will definitely wear after the wedding.  My parents also brought up a gift from my 17-year-old brother: a bottle of champagne.  He paid my mother to buy it for me.  How cute is that?

Sunday:  Patrick and I went out to lunch at the Olive Garden, which was crazy nuts, even at lunch time.  Then we went grocery shopping (how romantic, I know).  And finally, instead of getting Valentine's flowers, I got Valentine's Day plants!  They'll last far longer and we got two plants for the price of a dozen roses.  Here are the neat plants we picked:
This one is called a draceana.  And the one below is a Chinese money tree (hopefully it will bring us some money).
And finally, we wrapped our night up with a tropical sangria cocktail:
Did everyone else have a nice weekend?  Did you do anything fun or interesting?


  1. Holy bling bling batman! Looks like a fantastic birthday weekend to me! Gorgeous jewels!

  2. Happy (late) birthday! Love the earrings and necklace- gorgeous!

  3. My weekend was pretty good! Sounds like you had a good one too! Love the beautiful jewelry!