Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First Race of the Season

My first race of the season is today in about an hour!  Yikes!  For some reason I am more nervous than I usually am about racing so I'm currently trying to do things to distract myself before the race.  I thought I'd tell you a little bit about the race today and I'll give you a full recap with pictures tomorrow.
Today is the Healthy High 5K here on campus and it's supposed to encourage student to do something other than smoke pot on 4/20.  The best part is that the race is free for students!  Obviously this race is very low budget.  There isn't a great swag bag or a fabulous t-shirt, but I prefer the free entry free over a bunch of stuff I really won't use.  The other interesting thing about the race is that many of the race volunteers are students who have been caught with marijuana and are given the option of a fine or to help with the race. 

I did this race last year in a time of 35:13 min.  I'm really looking forward to shattering that time.  Last year's race was really the start of me running regularly and I know I've come a long way from there.  I don't expect to PR today because I haven't really been training exclusively for this race, but I know I'll do better than last year.  Here's what I'd like to happen:
I Know I Can: sub 34 min
I Think I Can: sub 32 min
I Hope I Can: sub 30 min (a real stretch!)

Well, I'll be back tomorrow to let you know how it went!  Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!


  1. Good luck! What a great race idea.

  2. i believe in you and you will sub 30!

  3. Good luck girl! Hope it was fun and went well!