Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Things

So I finally laced up yesterday and got out for a run.  The rain has finally stopped and although the sun wasn't really out, it was still good running weather.  And I was able to try a new loop that I've been wanting to test out for awhile.  Here are the stats:
Miles: 4.25 mi
Time: 47:31 min
Pace: 11:11 min/mi or 5.4 mph
It felt extra good because I didn't walk at all!  I haven't done that or run that far since February.  Even on my shorter runs I've been taking walk breaks lately.  I was really proud of myself that I pushed mentally and didn't stop.  Besides, it's always so hard to start running again after walking.

Yesterday I also did some shopping and stopped by The Natural Living Center.  I've never been before.  Imagine Whole Foods, but a mom and pop version of it and you get The Natural Living Center.  It smelled so good in there and I could have literally gone crazy and bought tons of stuff.  I restrained myself and only bought a small jar of almond butter, a small amount of chia seeds, and a handful of chocolate covered peanuts (a snack for the ride home!).  I've heard good things about almond butter and about chia seeds so I figured I'd give it a try.  I liked that you can buy the chia seeds in bulk, which means that you can pick how much you want to buy.  I know you can probably get a better deal by buying a big bag somewhere, but I wanted to try them before committing to them.

Today I did a recovery walk.  The sun is shining, but it's really windy out.  I was thankful I was walking and not running because running into that wind would have really been crappy.  I walked at a pretty good clip and feel pretty good.  It's not often that I just go out and walk, but it was a nice change.  I was able to notice more things - like all the buds on the trees and flowers starting to pop up!  Summer will be here soon enough!


  1. Nice job on the run! The mom and pop shop sounds like a place you might be going back to!

  2. Yay for the run!
    That sounds like such a great store. I know what you mean about chia seeds, I felt that way too and found a relatively small bag for my first one. I also wanted to try nutritional yeast and I went to Whole Foods so I could buy a tiny amount. It's not a good deal if I throw away 99 percent of the bag :)

  3. To answer your question, I get these companies to give me the hook up, by asking for it. Sometimes I get told no, or get no response at all, but other times, I get a mailbox full of cool stuff!

  4. congrats on finishing your run by running the entire time -- good for you!!!