Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh Jillian...

As some of you may or may not know, I'm a big fan of the show The Biggest Loser and of Jillian Michael's.  I own all her fitness DVDs and I respect her ass-kicking approach to getting people in shape.  Recently on the internet I saw some commentary on her comments on pregnancy.  Essentially this gist was that she personally would prefer to adopt when ready to start a family than get pregnant.  Apparently lots of people were outraged that she wouldn't want to get pregnant because she didn't want to put her body through that.

I've been thinking a lot about it.  I figure that 1) it's a personal choice.  She can do whatever she wants with her body.  Besides, she makes a living off the fact that she's in shape.  I think if I worked as hard as she did to get in shape, I'd probably would want to keep my body that way too.  However, I do think she could open new doors for herself if she did decide to get pregnant.  She could relate to new moms struggling to get the baby weight off, as well as to women who are looking to stay healthy through their pregnancies.

Secondly, I think people who adopt are doing a great service to this world.  Some people reacted to Jillian's comments because they're afraid this would spark some mass adoption craze.  Who cares!?!  In all honesty, our world has a bit of an over-population problem.  People who decide to adopt are doing us two favors.  They are taking in children who would otherwise not have a loving home and a family and they are not contributing to an already over-crowded world.  How can that be a bad thing?

I'm curious to know what you think about this topic?  Would you ever consider adoption?

Please don't misconstrue what I'm saying to mean that I don't think people should have babies.  I think people who get pregnant and have kids are entitled to do so and it is something that I too would like to do eventually.  I'm just saying that people who are willing to adopt are just as much parents and should be appreciated as such.


  1. i agree with your post and your views on the issue. im with jillian on this one. just think about what a being pregnant and having a kid can do to your body really freaks the bejessus out of me.

    some people rebound after a pregnancy and look great (aka gisele bunchen-brady) but reality is, baby weight stays and it takes a buttload of working out to get it off, and new moms dont have that luxury (unless you are kendra wilkinson-baskett or kourtney kardashian).

    i would adopt no matter what. giving children a better home is a no brainer. my brothers and I were orphaned, fortunately for us we were old enough to take care of ourselves and the youngest one, and if we werent i would have wanted someone to adopt us.

    people should get off their high horse with this whole jillian thing. way over blown IMHO.

  2. I still love Jillian and I don't see what all the drama is about. I want to have children of my own, and it's a very personal decision. I've never really struggled with my weight nor am I a multimillion dollar fitness professional, so who am I (or who is anyone, really) to judge her decisions? People need to chill.

  3. Totally her decision.

    And my hubby and I have talked about it. I have one biological child and have expressed to my husband that I feel its "right" for us to adopt the next one. He needs more convincing. :)