Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I won't leave you in suspense: my pro pics came in yesterday!!! I am so excited. My biggest fear with my wedding was that I wouldn't like my pictures, but I love them! There are so many great shots and some awesome candids. Now that I've got all those, I'm going to get a recap up. I only wanted you to have the very best. :-) I won't torture you too much and I'll share a couple of my favorites here:
My mom and I:
The whole bridal party:
With my girls:
And my favs of Patrick and I:
And, last but not least, my absolute favorite:

2.  I finally got my haircut.  I grew my hair out for the wedding, even though I knew I was going to wear it up.  So I guess I could have kept it shorter, but I'm glad I didn't.  It looked really nice for the wedding and now it is all gone!  I feel about 10 pounds lighter.  Here's a before pic (not the greatest, but I picked it to demonstrate the length of my hair):
And here I am fresh from the salon.  I really love it like this.  However, I'm a bit too lazy to do this all the time.
So here's how it looks most of the time.  My hair is naturally curly and I just assume let it do its thing.  Besides, I think this look is cute too.

2.  Did I show you the best wedding gift ever?  It's from my wonderful new husband.  Check it out:
I am soooo excited to have a Garmin.  I'm tempted to wear it everywhere, but I've been limiting myself to workouts only.  Having it definitely motivates me to get back into my exercise routine (and I need all the help I can get right now!).  Patrick got a new bike and we're dog-sitting this week in a neighborhood that is right next to a bike trail so we've been doing that.  Last night we went out after dinner when it was cooler and the trail was shadier.  It was a great ride and I'm loving having stats that are accurate.  I'm a number cruncher, so this thing is addicting.  Once I get back into a regular workout routine, I'm really hoping that the Garmin will help me have more productive and higher quality workouts.

Life is good!  :-)

Note:  All the wedding photos were taken by Amanda Perkins Photography.


  1. Great pictures I really love that one of you two kissing in front of the entryway. Your new do is super cute and yay for new running toys enjoy your new garmin.

  2. i LOVE the window picture. so romantic and cute :)

    and your hair! i love it, so summerry!

  3. Love the hair!! And the pictures are so nice! LOVE your favorite picture its super cute and romantic!

  4. Awww the pictures came out beautiful! I love your favorite one too that is such a good one! Your haircut looks so cute too. I think my whole bridal party cut their hair after my wedding, I was like- I didn't tell you to keep it long haha

    Yay for the Garmin, I love mine!

  5. the window photo is just now that you have your Garmin, what are you going to name it???! : )