Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sniffles & Improvements

So after my last post (sorry for such a downer of a post), I got out and had a great run.  I got 3 miles done and I was able to do sub-12 minute miles.  Considering I've been a huge running slump, this is a small victory for me.  The cooler weather, which is perfect for running, has hit here in Maine.  I plan on taking full advantage of the cooler weather and the views of the beautiful foliage.

However, I think I'm fighting a bit of a cold now.  Sore throat and sniffles.  I had planned on another run today, but I opted to sleep in and try to get better quick!  I'm thinking the large amount of stress I've been under combined with my lack of exercise and healthy eating has suppressed my immune system.  Patrick has been really trying to help me feel better (and that's saying something because I am a miserable person when I'm sick).  This morning, he made me an english muffin and presented it to this way:

Hehe.  Too cute.  The flowers we bought for the apartment warming party are still kicking around, so that's helping to cheer me up too.

That and the sun finally came back out after several gloomy days.  And we even had a rainbow appear last week:
 So in the end, I suppose things are looking up.  How's everyone's week going?


  1. Lemon tea and honey! It kept me from getting sick big time about 2 weeks ago... I think I had a hot glass 3 times a day for a few days!

  2. glad you had a better run! I've been sick on and off these last few weeks, I think it's the time of year.