Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Last week was one of the most stressful weeks of the semester.  Between exams and papers being do, it felt like the week was never ending.  So I gave myself and break this weekend and worked on some craft projects.  I personally love to crochet and I find it really relaxing.  So here's what I whipped up:

First I learned how to make crocheted butterflies.  How cute is this?  Our little neighbor loves butterflies so I made this to go on a hat for her, but it ended up being too bit.
 This is the hat I finished for her, with a smaller butterfly on it.  She's three and absolutely adorable.  I gave her the hat on Sunday morning when she was outside playing and she kept it on the rest of the afternoon.  I gave her the other butterfly I made just to play with and she was showing off to our other neighbors.  Her dad is a grad student in my department and he told me that the next morning when she woke up she was asking where her hat was.  Love that kid!
 I also mad this cowl for myself.  I hardly ever make things for myself, but this I'm keeping.  The color is really more of a bright pink than this picture shows.  I rocked this today and my friend now wants one for Christmas.
And with the leftover yarn I made a hat for myself.  My winter coat is a royal blue, so I think this will look nice.
I also started some small Christmas gifts that I can't reveal here as some of them are for people who read this blog.  So that's what I did this weekend.  What did you do with your weekend.  I plan on crafting it up for this Christmas season for budget reasons.  Anyone else craft for the holiday?  What do you make?


  1. So awesome! I saw your comment on SUAR's page when you said you were going to put her sticker "in" your water bottle...it caught my eye so I thought I'd come visit your blog. :) Love your gifts!

  2. Wow! You are awesome at that! I don't think I could do that! So cute! I am trying to do some paintings for family members for christmas gifts to cut back on some costs... hopefully I can get everything done that I want to get done!

  3. Yea, Mom's getting homemade gifts !!

  4. Help me do that!!! I only know the single and double stitches!!!

  5. LOVE the cowl! And the hat is perfect for a 3-yr-old, I can certainly understand why she loves it. Nicely done! I'm knitting baby hats...nothing too fancy.