Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  My new Jillian videos came in yesterday!  Yay!  I'm planning on running today, so I'll probably get to try them out tomorrow or Saturday.  I also got myself this as an early birthday gift:
 I think I'm going to make some of these for Patrick for Valentine's Day (ssshhhh, don't tell!).  Although, my birthday is only a few days before Valentine's Day, I figure that it will be a nice way to celebrate my birthday too.  I'm not sure that this was the best thing to order while doing Weight Watchers, but it should help me portion control my cake, right?

2.  I had a thesis meeting this morning!  Which really is a miracle.  It went really well and my thesis project is coming along.  This thing is going to be done by May!  And I will graduate on time!  One of my advisers actually said that my project would have made a great Master's project.  I told him I have no problem if he wants to give me a Master's along with my Bachelor's.  That could really save me some time in my academic career.  Hahaha...

3.  I weigh in tonight and obviously, I'm hoping for a loss.  Although I'm not really confident.  I'm feeling like I'm not exercising enough.  I think I'm doing ok with portion control and making healthy choices when it comes to food, but the weather has been making it tough to even just get out and go to the gym.  It's kind of hard to drive in a foot of snow!  I don't know about you, but spring can't come fast enough!  (Or at least warm enough temps to melt some of this snow!

Happy almost weekend!


  1. glad your thesis project is coming along well.

    cant wait to see what you make from that book.

  2. I love cake balls, cant wait to see what you make!

  3. those cake pops look delish! mmmm!

  4. those cake pops look amazing!!!! I've seen them before! what a nice surprise to make them for Valentine's Day! I hope you'll take pix to share :-)