Friday, February 25, 2011

Channeling Anger

It's been a trying week.  I've been trying to stay positive, but my frustration with my thesis advisers has only been growing into anger.  I don't like being angry.  It's not healthy and it stresses me out (never mind that I can't lose weight when I'm stressed).  Long story short here: we should be meeting weekly about my thesis project and we've only met twice in seven weeks.  It's getting to the point that if the project isn't completed to the level I want it to be, it's not my fault, but it's killing me because I'm a bit of a perfectionist.

Anyway, I tried to channel that frustration into my run yesterday.  Patrick and I went to the track at the gym and I put my iPod and just tried to zone out and not think about it.  The run was comfortable (so nice to be back to running regularly!) and I got 3.1 miles in.  My average pace per mile is finally starting to get back to normal, which is a definite plus.  Usually when I'm frustrated, getting a run in really helps me feel better.  But it didn't this time.

Guess I'll need to run some more!  I did have another meeting with one of my advisers yesterday afternoon.  We got some things done, but almost figured out that my entire project is screwed.  Luckily, my data is fine and I'm feeling much better after a near meltdown in my professor's office.  Thank goodness today I'm on my way to NH for spring break.  Hoping for some warmer temps so I can get some outside runs in.  Happy weekend everyone!


  1. So sorry this is happening to you with your thesis. I've had friends who have been in similar situations with advisors and it's frustrating. I know they probably have a lot going on too but they have to understand how important this is to you. Glad all your data is not messed up!

  2. ugh, sorry about all the work mess. Hope your vacation helps your spirit!