Friday, May 27, 2011

I Walked 7.11 Miles

Please understand that this walk was the farthest I've ever walked or run for exercise.  Previous to this, the farthest distance I ran was 6.2 miles.

My mom is walking a marathon for charity (the Boston Marathon course, in fact).  She said I could do it with her if I wanted.  I thought to myself, well, I never had the desire to run a marathon because I don't think I'd have the stamina, but walking it would be a lot easier So she's been going for her training walks and I've occasionally been joining her.  Last night she was going for a group walk with the team she is on.  So I tagged along.

She made it sound like these women would only be up for about 4 miles.  I knew I could do 4 miles no problem.  When we got there, they said they'd like to do a 2 hour walk.  I was doing the math in my head and at the pace my mom and I walk, it would be about 6 miles.  Again, no problem.

Then we started.  And it turns out these ladies walk a lot faster that my mom and I do.  They do 15 min/ miles.  I kept up with them for the first 3 miles, which we did in 45 minutes.  And then the mosquitoes started biting me.  And my head started to pound (shouldn't have left my water in the car).  And walking is the most boring thing ever.  And I'm really not in that great of shape because I've been lazy. 

My mom and I started to fall back from the group.  I reverted to our normal 20 min/mile pace.  They go a ways ahead of me and then we turned around.  Unfortunately it didn't take them long to catch up and pass me.  My mom was nice and didn't ditch me.  We walked a bit longer and finally my head started feel better.  Then she asked if I wanted to jog a little.  Now I'm thinking are you out of  your mind?  But then I realized how bored I was.  So we ran until we caught up with the group.  And then we fell back again.  And then we ran again.  And then we finished walking.

7.11 miles and almost exactly 2 hours later we were done.  Let me tell you right now, I will not be walking a marathon.  Walking has to be the most boring thing ever.  I think I'd rather run one (no, that's not happening any time soon either).  I think the bigger issue is I don't have the mental stamina to do.  Obviously this is something I need to work on.

I've got a great giveaway coming  up tomorrow, so stay tuned!  Any fun plans for the holiday weekend?

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