Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Summer has hit full force here in NH.  I feel like we just skipped spring and ran straight into summer!  It was a glorious weekend for running and biking and that's just what I did.  I cycled 13.6 miles on Saturday, ran 3.1 miles on Sunday, cycled 19.6 miles on Monday, and ran another 3.1 miles yesterday.  And through my travels over the weekend, I scored a new bike helmet and cyclying shirt.  I'll share pictures soon, I promise!

2.  Happy National Running Day!  Unfortunately I will not be out running today.  After four straight days of exercising and the weather being on the uncomfortable side, I'm taking today off.  Are you getting out there for a run?  Put in an extra mile for me!

3.  Did you enter my Allied Medal Display giveaway yet?  Because you should.  Your odds are pretty good so far!

Happy Thursday!


  1. We totally skipped spring here in MN, too! It's hot here and is going to be worse this weekend.

  2. I entered your giveaway and hope I win!!

    Yea, it's going to be 100+ today and I'm NOT looking forward to dripping in sweat everywhere I go :(

    sounds like a good weekend of bike riding and running...awesome job!

  3. Isn't it so nice to be outside?!? Nice workouts : )