Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Not to be cheesy, but today was such an incredible day. To be able to sit and watch history be made was just so awe-inspiring. I generally make fun of my brother when he watches sports and claps at the TV when the team makes a good play, but today I know how that feels. People were clapping at Obama made his speech, and I was included in that group. It was such a moving time to know that everyone in the room was just as inspired as you. I was commenting to some friends that I don't think I have ever been so hopeful for one person as I was today. I am proud that our country has finally come to this point in history - that an African American is now the President of the United States. I have complete and total faith that Barack Obama can get the job done. It is certainly not going to be an easy one and it is going to take a long time, maybe even longer than Obama is even in office, but I know he will put us in the right direction. It is even more hopeful to see so many people come together to watch this historic event and just be Americans hoping for a brighter future.

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