Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Case You Haven't Heard...

We're engaged! Yay!
We went to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra the first night we were home for spring break (2/28) and he proposed right after dinner. He was really insistent on paying the bill, even though the date was my idea so I said I should pay. Finally he agreed to let me pay, but said he could pay me back in a different way. At that point he came around the table and got down on one knee, pulled the box out, and asked if I would marry him. It was all so exciting!
We don't have a date or anything, we're just going to enjoy our engagement for now.

This is us at Symphony Hall in front of the picture of the guy who founded the BSO. Some really nice older gentleman took it for us. Of course I was too distracted at the restaurant (calling my mother and such) that we didn't get to take a picture there. Oh well... Symphony Hall is prettier anyway.
It's just so sparkly! I can't help but stare at it all the time! He did a really impressive job.

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