Sunday, March 22, 2009

Worst Things to Say to an Engaged Person

So I've been keeping track of all the really awkward comments and questions that people have said to me or asked me. Here they are, in all their glory:
  1. What did you say? - Clearly, since the ring is on my finger, I said yes. Generally, I think people who ask this question are actually wanting to know how he asked, which is a perfectly legitimate question. Wording is everything.
  2. Is it real? - Um, yes, but that really doesn't matter. It could have been a twist tie and I probably still would have said yes.
  3. How much did it cost? - Wow, that's really nobody's business but his. Some people...
  4. How did he pay for it? - He worked really hard and saved a lot, which meant he made some sacrifices. Again, it's really his business and it's what he wanted to do.
  5. How old are you? - Old enough. We're mature adults who can make our own decisions, thank you very much.
  6. Are you sure this is what you want? - Yes, I would never commit to someone on this level if I didn't really mean it.
  7. Can I try it on? - Absolutely not, but you can look at it all you want. I think that's supposed to be bad karma anyway.
  8. I better be invited. - You are so off the guest list now. You never invite yourself, that's just rude.
  9. I need to compare. - Yes, someone had to actually compare their engagement ring to mine. Necessary? I think not. In the end, it doesn't matter!
Anyway, hope those were entertaining. I must say, I find some people rather brave in their commentary.

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