Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Arch Nemesis: Running

Ok, really it's a love-hate relationship. Running totally sucks. My shins and hips hurt and I all my blood is flowing so it feels like my head is going to explode. On top of that, I run outside where there are cars who always seem to drive by a little too close on roads without sidewalks. Although one nice lady stopped to warn me about a deer up ahead yesterday. I never saw the deer though. Anyway, so running is just really hard. And when I say running I really mean jogging because I really can't handle full on running.
On the other hand I love it. I feel so good after. I'm not sure if it just feels good to be done or I feel like I've really accomplished something. Or maybe it's a combination of the two. That and I like it when people see me running and have these puzzled looks on their faces. Most of the time that means they would never dream of running just for the heck of it and that kinda makes me feel good about myself.
One thing I have never experienced with running it what they call a "runner's high." Apparently when you hit this point you feel like you could just run forever. I wish! This has never, ever happened! I don't think I would mind if it did though because I would love to be able to run for longer periods of time to get in a better workout. Maybe it will happen when I start getting in to my longer runs for my triathlon training.
One thing I do get often is runner's envy. When I see other people out for a run, I get a little jealous. Even if I went for a run already that day. This happens to me especially when the weather is nice. I enjoy being outside on a nice day and would prefer to be outside running than not outside at all. And the weather keeps getting nicer, which is so exciting. Yay for summer!

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