Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Want To Ride My Bicycle...

I want to ride my bike! Every time I go for a bike ride, I can't help but thinking of that Queen song. Patrick introduced me to this song and it just cracks me up. I did get to ride my bike yesterday and it was beautiful. My dad went with me and we did our favorite 20 mile loop through Hollis.
I love this ride because the second half of it has three big downhills. It just feels so awesome to be going so fast. Of course, on the way out there are several miles of gradual uphill that always kill me, but it's great for training. It also really helps to have someone to ride with. My dad can really push me, which is great. And I enjoy getting to spend some time with him.
The website I use to figure out the distances of my rides is called This is a great tool to figure out a running of biking loop with out having to go through the hassle of driving all around town. I highly recommend it to anyone who runs, walks, are bikes.

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