Saturday, June 20, 2009


First, I would like to thank the weather gods for listening and giving me a beautiful sunny day. My dad and I were able to go for a 3.8 mile run this morning in the sunshine. It was a bit humid, but I really didn't mind. Besides, a good sweat never hurt anyone.

Throughout this training process I have also been trying to lose weight and I have been quite successful thus far. I've been doing Weight Watchers for 13 weeks now and I've been really happy with the progress I've made, as well as the changes I have made in my lifestyle. I am not only eating better, but I'm exercising more, I feel better, and I'm in an overall better mood.

At last week's meeting, I realized that how you approach weight loss, or anything in life, for that matter, really depends on your attitude. The way I look at it, any loss is a good loss, and if I'm up a bit, no big deal. I'll try harder next week. Generally, I try to stay as positive as I can about this whole thing. A newer member at my meeting had her first meeting two weeks ago and complained about how hungry she was through her first week. All of the rest of the members were trying to give her ideas and suggestions on how to stay full while on this plan. For the record, it is very rare that I feel famished and have no points left. Most of the time I am quite satisfied, and I still go out to eat and I still eat frozen yogurt. Anyway, this week she was grumbling about how she thinks she would never be able to make it to goal weight and she was grunting at every breakfast suggestion we were making. I'm giving this women two more weeks max before she's gone. Her poor attitude leads her to be miserable. It took everything in me to not turn around and tell her to be quiet.

Sorry to be so long winded, but I think we tend to forget how to stay positive. And when we're negative, we are really just sabotaging ourselves. So stay positive!

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