Friday, June 19, 2009

Rain...Just Stop

It's has been a rather rainy week here in New England and from what I've heard, it isn't going to get any better any time soon. We had one sunny day this week and one sunny afternoon. Someone told me that it isn't supposed to stop for another 10 days! I know you shouldn't believe everything you hear, so I'm so hoping she's wrong. Really, I hate having to do all my workouts at the gym, especially the biking. It is so boring!
I also find that when it's crappy out, I tend to feel more tired and lethargic. I find that I'm just in an overall worse mood as well. This is probably because I'm missing out on my much needed vitamin D that I need from the sun! So now we must all pray to the weather gods to please just stop the rain, get our jet streams back to normal and let the sun come out!

P.S. My giveaway winner has until Monday to contact me or I will pick a new winner on Tuesday.

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