Monday, June 8, 2009

Salvation Army 5K

Patrick and I at the end of the race.
Saturday was the Salvation Army 5K in Nashua that I was semi-training for while training for my triathlon. Let me just say, it was amazing! For once, I took photos so I can actually remember the event. It started at 10am, but that turned out to be perfect. It had been a bit cloudy that morning, but the sun started peeking out during the run. The temperature was just right and the course was in a neighborhood that I normally run in. So despite the hills, it was a great run. And the most amazing part is, for the first time EVER I broke 30 minutes! My official time was 29.53. I cried at the finish line I was so excited. Patrick just didn't know what to do with me! And now onto the pictures!
Patrick, my cheerleader was a little sleepy.
This is my co-worker Sebby, who also ran the race. I kicked his butt, but then again, he is more than twice my age.
Just before the race began. Coming up on the finish line. I can see that clock ticking away and like hell I was going to let it go over 30 minutes! Look at that stride!

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