Monday, July 13, 2009


Part of triathlon training is doing workouts called Bricks. I wondered a lot about the name of these workouts. At first, I thought it was some combination of the words biking and running because Brick workouts focus on the transition from biking to running. However, these workouts are called Bricks because when you get off your bike and start running your legs feel like bricks. I have now done 3 of these kind of workouts and I know how true that statement it. Your legs are so used to moving in the motion of biking, that when you get off and try to run your legs feel tight. I've noticed that the more I do these, the sooner my legs start to stretch out. Amazingly, my running times don't seem to suffer as much as I thought they would when I started doing these. I did get a handy piece of advice from a fellow triathlete about these workouts. She recommended that I stand on my bike for the last minute or two of the ride to get your legs used to being in a running position. I've tried it and I find that it helps. I definitely feel much more confident about this transition. Now I need to work on the transition from swimming to biking!

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