Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Toy!

I should start off by apologizing for the lame pictures lately. I've been super lazy about taking my own pictures and have resorted to stealing them from other people off the Internet. Today's is a bit more realistic, like something I could actually take. That being said, guess what I got?

A green iPod shuffle? Boy you guys are smart. Why yes I did! I've been saying that I wanted one of these for the past couple weeks so my wonderful fiance took me to Best Buy on Tuesday night and bought me one. Isn't he sweet? I have a large iPod that I have an armband for. However, there are several reasons I don't enjoy running with it:

1. It has moving parts and it's not really good for it to be shaken around like that.
2. It gets kind of heavy on long runs.
3. When it's hot out, it's one more thing on my body contributing to my overheating.
4. I'm worried about ugly tan lines cause by my arm band.

Anyway, I really just wanted something lighter and more compact for running, especially since I'll be running even more once I start training for my 10K. I ran with it yesterday and was very happy with its performance. It was much less aggravating than my large iPod and it clipped nicely to my running shorts. And the color is fabulous! It was so nice to have that I forgot all about my sciatic pain!

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  1. Wow, thank you SO much for the tip about rinsing off my feet- I did not even think about that and that would be horrible to have sand all over my feet, ah! Thank you so much. I will be stealing a bucket from my parents!