Monday, July 6, 2009

Merrimack Sparkler 5K Recap

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures from the event because my cheerleader stayed in bed while I went to my race. That's ok though.

So this race had chip timing, which was a new experience for me. The little chip is worn on your ankle (that was a little obnoxious) and the timing is more accurate. However, at this race, the timer started for everyone at the same time. I was under the impression that it started for you when you started the starting line. That way, if you were near the back at the starting line, your time wouldn't be affected. That was not the case. So at the start, I was running slow looking for the "official" starting line so I could start my own stopwatch to pace myself. I realized that there was no "official" starting line and that I better get moving!

My time was 31.16 min. This is by no means a bad time for me, but I really wanted to beat my last race time. What was more disappointing was that at the end I felt like I could have pushed it more throughout the race. Considering I had never run the course before, I was satisfied and it's something I would do again next year. Besides, I got to feel much less guilty about all the eating I did later on in the day!

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