Sunday, September 20, 2009

Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure Race Recap

I kind of signed up for this race on a whim last weekend, but I figured it would be good since my 10K is only a few weeks away! It was the perfect temperature for a race and the whole second half of the race was practically down hill. My official time was 29.30, which would be a personal best. However, I timed myself and I got 30.36 minutes. Maybe they took some time off because at the start of the race it takes quite awhile for you to break out of the pack and actually be able to run. This was, by far, the largest race I've ever participated in. It was a pretty cool experience and I think I'll stick with the official time because it sounds better. Now for some pictures!

This first one is neat because you can see that there were tons of people. If you look really close, I'm in the middle with the white hat and sunglasses.
This next one is of our favorite runner. This guy painted himself pink and ran in a tutu. I was a little concerned about the chaffing issue that could have potentially arisen.And this is me after the race because Patrick missed me crossing the finish line. I kind of don't blame him since there were so many people.

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  1. I love your apartment! I so want to run that 10k with you, if only my knee would not totally disagree with my desire!