Saturday, October 17, 2009

Running Buddy

After seeing my run my 10K on Monday, I think Patrick has become a bit more inspired to go running. Today we set out on a short 2.5 mile jog on the trails. It was a beautiful fall day and it felt great to get back out and running again. I took the past few days off to recover from the race and I also had a bit of a cold, so I wanted to rest up.

Considering Patrick really hasn't been out running in the past two years, I thought he did a great job. We were going to take walking breaks if he needed it, but he ran the whole time. I should also mention that he's over 6 feet tall, so running should be a lot easier for him. I hope he gets in to it because I really enjoyed running with him. It's always nice to have someone by your side. It keeps me motivated because in my head I'm thinking "don't stop or they'll think you're a wimp." However, if he really does stick with it, he'll probably start getting significantly faster than me and I'd probably have a hard time keeping up. We'll have to see.

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