Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Fun Little Game

Well, day one of classes is done!  Ok, so I only had one class, but I still managed to get in trouble!  I exercised before my 11 am class so I brought two clementines with me because I get hungry after I work out.  I started peeling one when class started.  The professor reminded us to turn of all cell phones.  Then he looked right at me and said "There is to be no eating in this class.  You came here to listen to me, not eat lunch."  I promptly put my fruit away, rather embarrassed.  I'll just have to eat before going to class!

After Patrick got home last night we had to run some errands.  One of the stops was Target.  I personally love to shop, while Patrick loathes it.  So while starting down the first aisle, I had an idea to make our shopping trip more exciting (and to keep him from complaining).  The rules were that during the course of the trip we were to find a small present for the opposite person.  The limit was $5 and you could break off at any time to go search for an item.  

It turned out to be really fun!  And it didn't break the bank!  He broke off right away while I finished finding the things we actually needed.  Here are the results:

I got him the football and the Reese's Hearts.  The football was in the dollar section when you first walk into the store.  He was trying to convince me to buy it, so when I came up with the game, I knew I had to buy it!  And here's what he got me:

Honestly, I was a little nervous about what he would come up with, but he did such a good job!  He told me that the stickers are for our honeymoon scrapbook, because we'd like to be on a beach somewhere.  And he knows how much I love to bake, so the cookie cutter is great.  I don't have any yet and I want to host a Valentine's Day party at our apartment.  Isn't he the best?

I thought it turned out to be a nice way to spice up a boring errands run.  There was no complaining from either party and it was a great way to see how much we really know about each other.  So that got me thinking, what are things that you and your significant other do to keep things fresh without breaking the bank?


  1. netflix helps us keep things fresh. lol.

    i have to try that trick with Ian when we go to the store or mall. i really hope it works for me.

    p.s. that professor is such a $*%^&*...like get over yourself dude.!

  2. haha that is a fun shopping game! haha.

    I can't believe the professor yelled at you for eating, that's ridiculous. I always eat in class, that's how I stay awake. I'd let my kindergarten kids do it but I can't risk them spilling or needing help opening something in the middle of my lesson haha

  3. You had me at Target....I love that store!