Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Dreaded Foam Roller

I have met the devil, and it looks like this:
Back in October, I first heard about foam rolling from Kelly.  She was doing this as part of a physical therapy routine for a knee injury.  However, foam rolling is really recommended for all runners.  Kelly recommended this article from Runner's World.  Since I've been having some tightness and soreness, I figured it was about time that I tried it out.  And the best part is that my gym has these torture devices so I don't have to buy one yet.

So this is one of the most painful things I've ever inflicted upon myself.  It makes running seem painless.  My understanding is that foam rolling is supposed to simulate deep tissue message.  Now I've had a deep tissue massage and it was painful, but not like this!  All that aside, it does feel good after.  I've noticed a difference especially when I do the IT band exercise and the one for the gluteal muscles, which are areas that are especially tight after a run.  You are supposed to run, then roll, then stretch.  I've been rolling at the end of any workout that I do at the gym since I don't have my own roller.  As much as this is painful, I do think it's beneficial to my running routine and I plan on keeping it up!

Have you tried foam rolling?  Any tips or favorite areas to stretch out using the roller?


  1. ive done foam roller. and i agree its painful! if you go to Runner's World they have great rolling methods. I usually just focus on my shins by rolling on my calves. painful, but feels so good.

  2. Does it make me weird that I like the roller? I do remember it being painful the first few times but I love it!! It's a different, not so much pain, pain. Well, for me!

    Keep at it- you will see/feel a difference!

  3. Oh, isn't it horrible!!! I had to use mine again today. The pain is unbearable but after a few days, you feel sooo much better. The first time ever, when my IT was at its worst, I actually teared up.

  4. The foam roller is my BFF. It won't always hurt as bad as it does initially. I learned to love it after IT, hamstring and piriformis issues. Now I roll before and after running.