Monday, February 22, 2010


Happy Monday to everyone out there.  Hope your weeks are off to a good start.  Yesterday Patrick and I met up with our friends again to go bowling.  The place a couple towns over has a special on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am until noon where you can bowl as much as you want for $7.  It was such a good deal that we had to try it out.  We got in 6 games each in about 2 hours.  By that point our arms were tired and we called it quits.  Here are the boys bowling.  Look at that technique!
Mine is the goofy one on the left.  He's actually quite competitive when it comes to this kind of stuff.  He gets aggravated when he gets a bad score.  I think it's kind of silly because it's just bowling and we're there to have fun.  I wanted to snap more pics but alas, my batteries were not fully charged as I thought they were.  Oh well.  Here is our score sheet.  
That's right, this place is old school.  You have to keep score by hand and push the button to reset the pins.  This place is candle-pin, as opposed to ten-pin which uses the larger balls.  Candle-pin is therefore much harder.  My high score was a 75 and Patrick's was a 93, which I think is pretty impressive since we only go occasionally.  I should also mention that I'm surprisingly sore after this experience.  I think it used some muscles that I forgot I had!

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  1. Fun day! Gosh I haven't bowled (except on the Wii) in eons!