Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  The sun is finally back out here in Maine.  Hooray!  Originally I was going to make this week's Three Things Thursday about my pet peeves, but I'm in a much better mood now that the sun has returned.  I find that my mood it completely correlated to the weather.  Do you feel the same way?  I just think I need the vitamin D.

2.  Speaking of sun, Patrick and I booked our honeymoon to Cozumel, Mexico!  We have been going back and forth on this and we finally decided (after much research) to just do it.  We're staying at the Park Royal, which is an all inclusive resort for six nights.  We figured we'd have fun no matter what because we'll be together.  I'm a little nauseous just thinking about it because a) I'm so excited and b) I just dropped a ton of money all at once, which makes me slightly uncomfortable.  But then I look at the pictures and I get excited again.  Here are a few I stole borrowed for the Travelocity website:
3.  How could anything else on this list compare to that last one?  Other than the fact that my morning class was canceled today.  And really, I had the best intentions of getting some homework done, but instead I've sealed all the envelopes to my invitations and read blogs.  Oh well.  I was also going to try my new workout DVD, but both the Xbox and the PlayStation we have in this apartment are not working.  Go figure.  I'm trying to do a yoga DVD to relax and instead these machines won't read my disc which just makes me more aggravated.  I guess I'll have to go for a run later or maybe hit up a spinning class.


  1. I sometimes think my mood is correlated to the weather. Not all the time, because it is cold, wet and snowy here a lot, but when it's exceptionally gloomy, I find that I am quite somber.

    Honeymoon in Cozumel sounds WONDERFUL!

  2. aw man your honeymoon location sounds so fun! i always feel a little sick when i drop a TON of money at one time. lol.

    yay for cancelled class.

  3. I think in this case my mood would correlate with a 6 night honeymoon, sweet. Looks like you all picked a amazing destination. Glad your getting some nice weather out your way.