Saturday, March 20, 2010

Violet Love Headbands

You poor people are probably starting to think that the only reason I have this blog is to brag about the stuff I get.  For that I am sorry.  I will have to work on a giveaway for the near future.

But first, I need to tell you about another product I was sent to review.  Recently I was reading Leslie's blog and she reviewed some Violet Love headbands.  She also mentioned that the CEO of the company, Rebecca Michaels, was willing to send some other bloggers products to review.  Remember I have an obsession with free stuff, so I had to jump on this one!

They sent my two different headbands to try.  One was from their Signature Couture collection, which is full of fun prints and colors, and one from the She Headbands line, which is a performance based line.  Here they are:
I love the print on the second one.  It's so pretty.  The blue one is also very nice.  I've worn the blue one, which is from the She Headbands lines, for almost every workout since I've gotten it.  Violet Love's goal is a headband that stays put while you're wearing it and doesn't give you a headache.  I also love that if you decide to take it off it doesn't leave weird lines in your hair like regular headbands do.  I took a picture of the headband on post-workout.  I didn't fix it or adjust it at all during the workout.
The second headband, from the Signature Couture line, slips around a little bit, but isn't too bad.  It can also open up to be wider, if you like to wear your headband that way.  I do have to report though, that I grabbed this headband on the way to class the other day because we were having a fire drill and I need a simple hairdo that I could do on the go and now I can't find it.  I had put it on my desk during class and I thought I put it in by bag and now it has vanished!  I'm really sad because I loved the print and it added a pop of color to an otherwise boring outfit.  I've checked everywhere!

Anyway, if you want to check them out, you can find them on their website here.  They also have an eco-friendly line of headbands, legwear, and a children's line. 


  1. The headband is so cute! I have such problems with headbands while working out. When I ran a 5k last year my headband broke in the middle haha. I didn't want to throw it on the ground so I was just holding it after that, good times.

  2. Cute headband. I found a wide one somewhere (can't remember where or what brand right now) and love it!