Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three Things Thursay - Mail's Here!

One of my favorite things ever is mail!  I love sending it and I love getting it even more.  So I was really excited to come back after two weeks in NH to find my mailbox full of stuff and to have 3 packages waiting.  So today I'm going to share 3 of the cool things I got.

1.  Recently, Erica hosted an Inperspire towel giveaway and I won!  I love winning!  And here's the towel:
I've taken it to the gym already and it was by my side while I did my workout video.  It's nice and soft and I love the inspirational message.  There are other great towels.  You can find them here.

2.  Recently Genesis and her pal went to Vegas.  She had a contest of who could guess where she was going and I won that too!  The prize was a t-shirt from Vegas.  I love the color and can't wait to wear it in this beautiful spring weather we're having.  I have to wash it first though.

3.  And the final package I got contained some super nerdy mail.  I recently became a member of the American Chemical Society because we're reinstating our student chapter here in Maine.  And since I referred another member to ACS I got this sweet thank-you gift:

That's right.  I got a periodic table of elements throw blanket.  For those of you who didn't know, I'm a chemistry major.  I love nerdy things such as this blanket.  I even have spice jars that look like the periodic table of elements.  So if you ever see anything nerdy and think of me, please feel free to send it my way!


  1. cool towel, blanket and shirt ;) glad you like it.

    i used to be a chemistry major but too many nights of booze and classes missed i figured it would be best if i didnt try to be too ambitious :)

  2. love the towel!

    The blanket makes me chuckle! Too funny!

  3. well aren't you just raking in the goodies? I think that blanket is cool!

  4. OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! I AM ABSOLUTELY AGOG WITH THAT BLANKET! YES, I'M SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS!! HOW AMAZINGLY COOL IS THAT?!?! I'm seriously kind of jealous. I really have no use for it, but it's quite impressive. Kudos on the other gifties, too, but the Periodic Table blanket clearly blows the rest out of the water!