Monday, May 31, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Well, it's been quite the holiday weekend in my world.  I started the weekend off by getting in a run on Friday, after work.

Miles: 3.13 miles
Time: 34:34 minutes
Pace 11:01 min/mile

It was a nice day for a run.  A little warm, but I didn't walk at all and I felt like I really pushed it at the end.  Patrick and I ended up going out for Chinese food with my family and my aunt and uncle.  We then all went bowling together, which was hysterical.  I haven't been bowling with my family in years.  We split up into teams and played against each other and just had a good time.

On Saturday I did some serious shopping.  My bedding from my registry went on sale big time this weekend.  My mom had the receipt for the stuff that my grandfather bought me.  In the end I was able to get $163 back.  Is that not insane?  And that is exactly the reason why you should never pay full price for anything.  If you can wait, it will eventually go on sale.  I was able to pick out a bunch of other stuff, so major score! 

Yesterday I got in an awesome bike ride on the local bike trail.  I actually used it to ride down to Patrick's aunt's house where we were celebrating his mom's 50th birthday.  Here's how the ride went down:

Miles: 15.7 miles
Time: 1:02.15 minutes
Pace: 15.1 miles/hour

The party was really nice.  I got to visit with some family and friends.  I was really good and only really indulged on a piece of cake (yum!).

Today we're going to visit my grandparents.  Other than that I've been catching up on sleep, reading my book, reading blogs, and generally just relaxing.  I'm trying to just enjoy it all before the wedding stuff starts consuming my life.  What's everyone else been up to?  And do stay tuned - I'm hosting a giveaway this week!

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