Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Saturday of Fun

Can it really be Sunday already???  I swear weekends go by too fast.  Yesterday my family had a yard sale.  I had the best intentions to get a bike ride in yesterday, but I was having to much fun chatting it up with the customers at the yard sale.  I was most surprised by what people bought.  The stuff we never thought we'd sell, actually sold and we are still left with the nicer things (dishes anyone?).  I wish I had taken some pictures because we were having a ball.  But really, anything with my family is fun.

Patrick and I also did a bit of shopping in the afternoon.  We're potentially thinking about getting a small sofa for our new apartment (lease starts August 1st!).  We have a lot of second hand furniture, but not really a sofa.  What do you all think of this one?
I also picked up one of these (full review to come!):

Then, last night Patrick and I went out with my parents to a place call Strange Blue Tavern to see a blues band.  We had a super fun time.  Getting out and seeing a live band is something we should really do more often.  These are my parents:
Patrick enjoying his beer:
This place had something like 74 different beers on tap.  Too bad I'm not a beer drinker.  And the awesome band:
That last photo was taken without a flash in a really dark bar.  Isn't that impressive?  A digital camera was one of the shower gifts we got and I'm loving it!  I guess I should do a review on that too...

Anyway, what did you do this weekend?
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  1. I love love love having yard sales. The neighbors all come out and we usually end up with some of the craziest stories. Yes, I agree about people buying the weirdest things where the nice stuff just sits.

    Love the sofa! I think it would look great in your new place.

  2. We loooove Strange Brew! When Matt and I have the opportunity to go and be real adults, its one of our favorite places. Yes, it is too bad that you're not a beer drinker because they have some AMAZING stuff! What kind of camera did you get? Glad your sale went well, I love yard sales, too :)