Friday, June 4, 2010

Holy Hotness

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Like I said in yesterday's post, I've been lazy and haven't exercised since Sunday.  However, yesterday I packed my running clothes so I could run home from work.  I'm proud to say that I completed said run.  I ran 3 miles in the nasty afternoon heat and humidity.  When I got home and looked in the mirror, my face was super red and I was dripping sweat.  It was gross.  I'll spare you any photos of that!  I could have waited until later, but I was trying to beat the thunderstorms, which I did.  But the storm lasted maybe 10 minutes and I totally could have gone after when it was about 15 degrees cooler.  Oh well!

Catching up with my friend last night was fun.  I meant to take some pictures but I forgot.  I even had the camera with me.  What a bad blogger I am.  In chatting with her I was starting to realize how close my wedding really is.  It's only 6 weeks away!  What?!?!  I must say that I feel pretty calm about the whole thing, but I admit that I'm not looking forward to having to meet with all of our vendors within the span of about a week.  I don't understand why those appointments can't be a little more spread out.  I'm also not looking forward to peeling off the price tags that are on all the candle holders I've purchase.  Then I have to wash them too.  I think this tedious stuff is going to be the worst of it.  Then comes the all the fun stuff - the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the brunch, the honeymoon.  We are going to have quite the wedding weekend!

This weekend brings a yard sale (yay for getting rid of stuff we don't need!).  I'm also hoping to get a longer bike ride in and I'm taking my grandfather to rent a suit for the wedding.  What's everyone else up to?

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  1. So..what are these meetings with vendors? Mine haven't mentioned any meetings haha...

    I should probably look into that. I was feeling calm about wedding stuff, til I read this post. Haha j/k!