Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three Things Thurdsday

Did you check out my giveaway yet?  No?  Well you should...

1.  I haven't exercised since Sunday.  Yesterday was National Running Day and I really wanted to get out there.  Well, I had told my family I would cook dinner and I ended up having to go to the grocery store instead.  So today I brought my running stuff with me to work and I plan on running home from here.  Luckily Patrick works at the same place so he can take the rest of my stuff home.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it's not raining when I get out of work.

2.  Tonight I'm meeting up with a friend for dinner.  I've actually known this person since I was in first grade.  I actually kind of find it impressive that we've stayed in touch all these years.  We really only get together in the summer so it will be nice to catch up and see what she's up to.

3.  We're starting to get more and more RSVPs for the wedding.  It's kind of fun to check the mailbox when I get home.  Although I must confess that I was a little relieved yesterday because we got a 'no.'  As much as I would love for everyone that we invited to come, it would be better, in terms of budget, if a few people said no.  While some people may find that a horrible thought, I think I'm not alone in thinking it.  There are just so many people that you have to invite, that by the time you get to add people that you want to invite, you're already over the limit.  And whoever says that "you don't have to invite people, it's your day" is lying.  There are definitely people you have to invite that maybe, deep down you don't want to.  Oh well, it will all work out.


  1. Isn't getting mail one of the most fun things?
    Good luck on the run!

  2. i wanted to ru yesterday too but when operating on only 3 hours of sleep...i think its best to not force it :) maybe ill get out today.