Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Goals

The trend this year seems to be about setting goals vs. making resolutions.  I think it's a good idea, personally.  I feel that resolutions have some sense of impracticality to them.  It's almost like you know you're not going to stick with them.  Goals, on the other hand,  I can live with!  I've split my goals into two categories this year: heath & fitness goals and personal goals.  Without further ado:

Health & Fitness Goals:
  • 3 Triathlons - I really would like to make 12 races for the year a goal, but I'm not sure I'll have the money to commit to that goal this year.  Instead, I want to do three triathlons this year.  In particular, I really want to do the Danskin Woman's Triathlon.  Last  year it fell during our honeymoon, so that wasn't happening!
  • PR in a 5K - My current PR is around 29 minutes and I would love to crush that time.  I've been out of running for a few weeks and I'm slowly getting back into it.  I'm hoping to do the Hollis Fast 5K again this year and crush my PR.
  • Sick with Weight Watchers - I have done it before and had great success.  This time I want to finish the journey!  Doing this also supports my racing goals so really, it's a no brainer!
Personal Goals:
  • Focus on the positive - In recent months I feel like I've been so negative.  In reality, I have it pretty good and I'm blessed by many wonderful things.  Everyday I want to pick out something from my day that was positive.  Whether is be eating fruit instead of ice cream or the compliment I got from a professor.  Dwelling on the negative is a a choice and I feel it would be more constructive of me to focus on the positive!
  • Blog 3-4 times per week - I've been slacking every since the wedding.  Blogging is something I enjoy and really helps to keep me focused on health and fitness.  Your support is awesome and I don't want to miss out on that!
  • Read 25 Books - I think this one is pretty straightforward.  I'm hoping this will also encourage me to watch less TV!
  • Another all homemade Christmas - I really enjoyed making all homemade gifts this year and I'm really looking forward to the possibilities for next year.  I know it's far off, but it's definitely something I want to do!
What are your goals for the year?


  1. Will that be the Mass Danskin Triathlon??!! I'll be there!!

  2. looks like great goals to me. Thanks so much for that link to tri training, this is a whole new ballgame for me. Happy New Year!