Monday, March 28, 2011


Patrick has been nagging me for weeks (imagine a husband nagging a wife for a change!) to go skiing at Sugarloaf.  Sugarloaf is the largest ski resort east of the Rockies and they were having a college special this past weekend.  I had never been skiing before and he had really been wanting me to try it for that last couple winters.  I finally broke down and agreed to go.
As part of the package I got a free lesson.  This was a win-win.  I got the lesson in the morning, which gave Patrick time to get out and do some more challenging runs without me.  Turns out, he did some spying on me while I was in my lesson:
I was a star student (of course!) and we she actually took our class higher up the mountain than she normally would.  After lunch Patrick and I were able to get in some skiing together.  I think I enjoyed riding the lift more than the actual skiing:
It was a little bit on the cold side for the end of March and it was a bit windy too.  Here I am freezing my ass off at the top of a trail:
I told Patrick not to take any pictures while he was skiing, but he's a bad listener:
No making fun of my skiing skills!  I felt bad because Patrick can just zip down the trail.  However, I was most nervous of losing control and wiping out and I was taking it slow.  I fell twice, but it wasn't while I was going fast so I lucked out.  The added bonus of skiing was the awesome leg workout.  I'm feeling it today!  And here we are after a full day of fun (and yes, I think I'll be going again):

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  1. You look awesome! :)

    Eric and I suck at skiing together. We both know how to but we have never been once while together (6 years!). Can't motivate ourselves to move that much on the weekend and I feel like I'd be holding him back with my lack of skills haha.