Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Headed for the Windy City

So last week I announced that we booked our summer vacation.  But I didn't tell you where.  I asked you to guess, but I gave crappy clues (or barely any clues at all).  So no one guess right (well, only 2 people guessed, but whatever).  So where are we going?


I'm pretty excited.  Patrick has been, but I have not.  We are going towards the end of June, so I'm hoping for pleasantly warm temps.  Our trip is also sandwiched between my two triathlons on the schedule so far.  We'll be in town for about a week and we're staying with a family member who lives near the Cubs stadium.  Here's what we've got on our list of things so far, but would love recommendations (Allison and Marcia, I hope you're reading this!):

~ Taste of Chicago - We sort of booked our trip around this event.  Totally looking forward to eating my heart out.
~ A Cubs game - I mean, we're going to be right there.  How could we not go?
~ Museum of Science and Industry - I hear this is pretty good.  And I'm a scientist so how could I not go?
~ The Bean

That's all the research I've done so far.  Now I need your recommendations.  Where to go?  What to see?  Where to eat?  Lay it on me! 


  1. Yay for Chicago! It'll be so pretty at that time of year!
    Yes to a Cubs game! Yes Millennium Park! Go to Navy Pier, run on the Lakefront Path. Have some Deep Dish pizza at Pizzeria Uno or Ginos East or Lou Malnatis.
    Visit the Sears Tower Skydeck with "The Ledge"
    I'll think of more!

  2. Yay, I love Chicago!

    I have recommendations. #1- you should really go to a Second City show. The one we went to was SO funny! #2- I recommend the Architecture tour- it's a boat ride through the city and tells so much good history information.

    You are already right with a Cubs game and the Bean- love those!

  3. I love, love, love chicago! I would move there if it wasn't so freakin' cold in the winter. Teammarcia (above) already commented on some of my favorite things. My #1 absolute must in the run on Lakeshore Drive. #2 Go to the lounge/bar in the John Hancock building (96th floor, I think). You have to pay for the observation deck - can go to the lounge and get a drink and see the same things :-) Cubs game - you can't go to chicago without going to one. Shopping on Magnificent Mile. HAVE FUN!

  4. I've never been, but once I do, I'm going to try real deep dish Chicago Pizza. I'm a NY think crust lover, but I'll do it just to make sure : )

  5. I've never been...I bet you'll LOVE it! SOoo exciting!