Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Job Hunt Commences

So now that the thesis project is (mostly) behind me, I've turned my attentions to job hunting.  I think I hate this more than working on my thesis.  There are just too many unknowns and it makes it uncomfortable.  And Patrick is also looking for work, which makes it harder because we'd like to be in the same area, obviously.  So we are both job searching separately and hoping we get lucky and find jobs close to each other.

Add to this the fact that while I really want to go into teaching, I'm also qualified to do lab work.  The teaching applications are long and tedious and it takes awhile to get all those references to actually get letters of reference prepared and sent out.  And teaching jobs move fast.  Most lab jobs I've encountered want you to have your master's or have over 5 years experience.  What ever happened to entry level positions?  

Some positions want you to tell them your salary requirements.  Um, I don't know?  I'd really just like to get paid a fair salary.  I don't want to low ball this and think that I'm a push-over, but I don't want to over price myself so they don't even want to look at me.

Please tell me this gets better?  I'm up to my eye balls in resumes and cover letters.  Any tips or tricks for scoring an sweet gig?


  1. I so feel your pain! I am looking for a new job in a completely different field and my husband is also trying to find a job. It is crazy. I have been emailing friends in to review my resume and I am talking to everyone with a hope that someone will know someone and pulls some strings to get an interview.

    Good luck!!!!

  2. Oh boy, job searching is never fun in my opinion! Luckily for the teaching jobs I applied for there was a set price, so I didn't have to say what I wanted- I always find that a bit awkward. It will get better though! I promise :)

  3. depending on the type of job and location you can look up the salary levels online and then try to ask for higher than the min but lower than the max.

    i hear ya on entry level positions. everywhere i look requires so much experience.

  4. I completely understand! I'm only finishing up my undergrad, but there are just about no jobs at entry level! I think a lot of college grads are frustrated with that. I have 1 potential job, that's it!

    My college has sent out a few positions that are entry-level but they're all for business majors, or someone who wants to be in the manager trainee program at Hertz. Really? No, thanks.

  5. whew, good luck with job hunting! that's NEVER easy or fun. I was a teacher before staying at home to raise my boys, loved teaching but here in Texas, teachers are losing jobs left and right :( very sad. I taught physical education and health and those jobs I pretty much had to PRAY to get...few and far between! GOOD LUCK!!

  6. first off, congrats on a great job with your thesis!!

    I hate questions about salary requirements, I usually go with what I think I deserve. Good luck to you both with the job search :)