Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Snow! Oh No!

We are apparently supposed to get yet another large snowstorm tomorrow. And the best part is we are supposed to get another foot or so. Hooray! Ok, so I am really not pleased with this news. I know, it's winter, but I really hate all the mess. The university does such a crappy job of cleaning up after storms that it's really hard to get around. And I walk everywhere, I don't even have my car here. That would make it all the more horrendous. The temperatures have also been sub-zero for the past few weeks even when the sun is out. One morning it was -30 degrees out and I was begging people for a ride to practice that is at the rec center on the other side of campus. The lesson I am quickly learning here is that I should go to grad school somewhere that is warm (as in never goes much below 50 degrees). Like, maybe Hawaii or something! My mom is sad enough that I'm four hours away now, but I think she'd get over it once she came to visit!

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