Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yup, the arrival of snow has been confirmed

It has started to come down pretty hard here. Which kind of sucks because I didn't want it to start until it had the potential to cancel some of my classes. But no, it started while I was in lab, so that couldn't be canceled and it'll stop before my first class tomorrow. Darn it!

In other news, the schoolwork is coming along nicely. Although I keep feeling like I have a ton of work to do and then when I actually do it, it doesn't feel like that much at all. Either that or I am forgetting to do massive amounts of work.

Anyway, I will be staying in tonight where it is nice and warm. And I think I'll make some hot cocoa. Yum! Gotta do some laundry (exciting, I know) and get some other work done too. Hope everyone else doesn't have to venture too far either.

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