Thursday, May 28, 2009


One of the biggest challenges to working out is finding the right music to work out too. I know that the music I listen to sets the tone for my workout. Recently Patrick and I Deejayed a wedding so we downloaded a lot of new, fun music. Lucky for me, some of it made great music to exercise to. So I made a new playlist on my iPod. I've tried it out running and while doing one of my workout videos and it's great! Some of the songs may seem a little silly, but they're fun and upbeat. Here they are:

  • Live Your Life - T.I. Feat. Rihanna
  • Poker Face - Lady Gaga
  • So What - Pink
  • How Far We've Come - Matchbox 20
  • Hey Ya! - Outkast
  • Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin
  • Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
  • Gettin' Jiggy Wit It - Will Smith
  • Just Dance - Lady Gaga
  • Shipping Up To Boston - Dropkick Murphys
  • You Can Do It - No Doubt

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  1. Hey girl! Just rediscovered your bloggy over coffee. I'm training for my first 5k race since fall 2002! It's on Saturday in Rockport. Eek!! Good luck with all of your training.. I must get caught up on your blog now. :)

    My favorite running songs are: Hip Hop by Tribe Called Quest, Super Bon-Bon by Soul Coughing, and.. okay, i'll admit it, Since You've Been Gone by you know who. Haha. -Steph Nola