Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun Stuff

Despite the rather rainy weather, I was still able to get out for my bike ride yesterday. Patrick came with me, which was really nice. He said that he'd like to come on all my training bike rides with me. I don't mind at all because it's nice to have a biking buddy. While we were out we stopped at Goodale's Bike Shop here in Nashua. They were having a sale so I finally broke down and bought myself one of these babies:

This is a bike computer. It has a clock, an odometer, a speedometer, a stopwatch, a pace function, and a couple of other functions I can't remember. I'm hooking it up tomorrow so I can use it on my ride on Wednesday. I also got a new holder for a water bottle and a spiffy new water bottle to go in it. My old one was Velcro and the bottled that came with it had Velcro on it and it was quite handy. Except that now the water bottle has bitten the dust and I couldn't find a new one, so I just got a new holder instead.

Another recent purchase was this lovely handbag made by Fossil:
I bought this for losing 10 pounds. I figured I deserved it. I had seen it and really liked it, but I held off and made it a weight loss incentive. It just screams Summer!

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