Friday, October 23, 2009

Larabar Review

As a college student who is super busy, I'm always looking for something that is good to grab and go. At my 10K race, Larabar was there handing out samples. I have heard good things about them, but was afraid to try them because one of their main ingredients are date, which is something I'm not a huge fan of. However, they were much better than I expected.

I was able to try the peanut butter cookie, whose only ingredients are dates, peanuts, and salt. Talk about natural. I liked it, but I'll be honest. I didn't exactly think that it tasted like a peanut butter cookie, but maybe I'm a little too familiar with the real thing. I also got a sample of the peanut butter and jelly flavor which I did not enjoy so much. Then again, I never like PP&J as a kid.

I did purchase a bar at the grocery store the other day and it was coconut cream pie (pictured above). The was by far my favorite of the three. I love coconut and cashews. I think what I like most about these bars is that the ingredients are so natural. Who would have thought that you could make a meal bar from just three ingredients. I will also say that these bars are a bit higher in fat than I would normally choose from a bar, but it comes from the nuts, which are healthy fats, so I think it's worth it.

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