Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Biggest Loser

I swear that I was going to post pictures today. I even got off my butt and pulled out my camera cord to upload my Washington pictures. But alas! My batteries are dead and I can't upload without batteries. They're charging right now and I promise pictures for tomorrow.

So instead of pictures, you'll have to hear about my slight obsession with the show the Biggest Loser. I should also admit that I'm currently watching the ending of this week's episode.  I call this my guilty pleasure because I know how unhealthy it is to lose weight that fast.  But I love seeing the contestants transformations after they are voted off the show.  The change is just so dramatic.  If nothing else, this show is a bit of motivation to get to the gym.  And really, I'm just insanely jealous that these people get personal trainers and get to focus solely on losing weight.  Obviously this is not realistic for the real world, but I still wouldn't mind it if I got the chance.

Do you have a television show that you consider a guilty pleasure?

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