Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Runner's Block

You know, runner's block, it's like writing block.  I've done 3 three mile runs in the last two weeks.  Normally I run at about a 10 minute mile.  But all of a sudden I'm running them with an 11 minute mile.  I'm just not getting it!  It might just be a mental block or something.

I am proud of myself for getting out there this morning.  It was a chilly 33 degrees, but the sun was out and it wasn't windy.  It was really quite pleasant.  I started out with a hat and mittens, but those came off before I hit the first mile.  I also got to try out my cold weather running Drymax socks.  They were nice.  My feet were warm, but they didn't overheat.  And I noticed after my run that they kept my feet nice and dry.  I definitely asked for more of those for Christmas!

Anyway, I think I need to work on my mental running game.  Especially if I want to start running longer distances.

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