Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fruits and Veggies Anyone?

First, let me apologize for my lack of posting.  Homework and half marathon training have been consuming my life.  During the time I've been MIA, I discovered this stuff:

Awhile back, I was commenting that I feel I don't get enough fruits and veggies.  If anything, I tend to eat more fruit because it's sweeter.  Veggies I'm not such a big fan of.  Well, I was out shopping last weekend and I needed a snack because for the first time in my life, I forgot to eat.  That's right people, I forgot to eat.  The worst part of this is that I forgot to eat lunch after running 5 miles on Sunday.  You can imagine how hingry I was by the time I realized that I was in need of a snack.  My girlfriend and I were at the mall which equals not many healthy choices.  I found one sandwhich place in the food court where I could get a yogurt and a small bottle of the V8 Fusion Juice.  I had wanted to try it for awhile, but was apprehensive that it was going to taste like vegtable juice or have a funny texture.

I am happy to report that none of my fears were true.  This stuff is so good!  And one serving of the juice has a full serving of fruit and a full serving of veggies.  Not to shabby, if you ask me.  I was sure to stop at Target on the way home and bought two big bottle (and they were on sale!).  I bought one of Strawberry Banana and the other is Peach Mango, which I'm looking forward to trying.  I read the nutrition facts and it's 120 calories for 8 ounces (the equivalent of eating two pieces of fruit) and there is no sugar add (always a plus).  So in the end, I highly recommend trying this stuff out, if you haven't already!


  1. Nice! I am a huge fan of the "Naked" brand green machine drinks- like a green monster, but sweeter!

  2. I haven't had that in a long while. I hear green monsters are great too and you can't even taste the vegetables!