Thursday, January 13, 2011

Craftin' - 2

In exercise news, Patrick and I hit the gym today.  We got a bunch of snow yesterday, so it may be another day or so before I run outside again (gotta wait for those roads to be clear!).  I did intervals on the track today to try to work on my speed.  Our indoor track is only 1/10 of a mile around.  So I did 2 laps walk, 3 laps run 6 times with a 1 mile walk cool down.  Total Miles: 4.0 miles  Total Time: 57:30 minutes.  I was only going to walk half a mile cool down, but I got to chatting with a friend on the track and got distracted.  That's ok, because it's helping me get to my 1000 miles in 2011 goal!

I keep forgetting, but I wanted to post some pictures of more of the things that I crocheted as gifts for Christmas.  I couldn't post before because some were gifts for family that read this blog.

Here is a hat and bootie set I made.  I actually made two.  One for a baby shower I went to in November and one for our neighbors whose baby is due next month.

I also made a blanket for the baby shower in November.  They used it during their newborn pictures, and I was so flattered.  (Please note: I did not make the beautiful baby, just the blanket!)

Next, I made a hat, mitten, and scarf set for my mother.  I think she is satisfied.  

 These are ornaments that I made that look like Christmas lights.  I made many sets of these!  All my family got them and I sent them out for a couple ornament swaps I was in.

And I made a hat for the man:

I made a ton of hats that were basically all the same, but different colors that I didn't take pictures of.  Oh well!  Now I'm working on a cabled afghan for our living room.  Considering I've given away all three of the blankets I've made, it's about time I made one to keep!


  1. these are all so great! i really want to learn how to knit, i'd love to be able to wear something that i made!

  2. Wow you are SO talented! I wish I could do that!

  3. you're good at that! everything looks so soft. you should do a giveaway : )